Industries Served

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Keller Farms Supply enjoys professionally serving continuously progressing industries with quality material particular to their respective standards.


Horse grade hay blends and straw bedding available for domestic and international equine outlets

Horse Racing


Hay and feed mix straw fit for any scale of domestic or international dairy operation. Feed samples and testing are always available and can be sent to assure the correct quality needed.

Child Feeding Calf

General Livestock

In addition to worldwide equine and dairy, Keller Farms Supply fulfills hay feed and straw bedding needs for other types of livestock farms in various bale types.

Dairy Farm


Gas pipelines, lakeside dredging, DOT rite-a-ways, and other environmental reclamation products are a large sector of Keller Farms Supply straw client's projects.  KFS can supply sufficient quality straw across the U.S and Canada for all environmentally sensitive work.



Supplying manufacturing companies across the U.S. specializing in end use erosion control blankets, wattles and compressed bales to meet quality standards for any high volume resizing and value added manufacture industry.


Erosion Control

Supplying multiple large construction projects annually for straw blowing and hydroseed contractors across the United States.  KFS bundled small square and large square straw are the most popular products for erosion control customers.



Straw in several types fit for mushroom and other environmental composting industries.  Keller Farms Supply currently supplies mushroom production farms in Chester County Pennsylvania.



Keller Farms Supply has high density straw bales of multiple small grain types fit for high density energy use facilities and plants.